Jemsar Has Set Up a Research Institute for Beiting Studies

Publish Date:2016-07-14 22:59:30Visit:311

On June 22nd 2016, Beiting Ancient City Protection and Inheritance Symposium, which is also the opening ceremony of setting up Beiting Study Research Institute, was held in Jemsar, Xinjiang.

It is reported that Beiting Study Research Institute will base on Beiting ancient city protection and study of the site, getting a collection of experts and scholars in related fields, improving Beiting ancient city ruins protection and research levels.

On the symposium, experts have discussed on the history of Beiting ancient city, site management, site of archaeological excavation and informationization.

Fan MENG, researcher at the Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, hold a view that Beiting Studies is a new subject which based on the site of Beiting ancient city and academic platform, in the light of modern academic perspectives, taking a full range of grooming on the formal research results, adapting ancient forms for present-day use.

Yongjun HAO, the secretary of the Party committee of County Jemsar, said that Jemsar would make Beiting Studies to be a regional culture subject.

Source:Guangming Daily


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