About TKDB

This website is created by the research team on International Law in East China University of Science and Technology. It's the first specialized database which works on the protection of traditional culture and benefits sharing. The purpose of our website:

1. Focusing on the latest news on Chinese Traditional Knowledge, including news, academics, laws and regulations in China as well as doing further researches on them. We are looking forward to generalizing the achievements and experiences we obtain in the process of protecting the traditional knowledge and excellent traditional culture, also, the area of inheriting and benefit sharing.

2. Making a comprehensive collection of the information of Chinese Traditional Knowledgeand its conditions of protection. We are looking forward to creating a database on Chinese Traditional Knowledge to provide intellectual supports and legal protection for its effective protection and benefits-sharing system.

3. Convening academic conferences and releasing research results regularly, aiming to promote the formulation of relevant laws and regulations regarding totraditional knowledge and benefits sharing system as well as providing policy consulting; finally, making contributions to societal harmonious development.



The opinions and comments set on this website only represent the research results of our team, having nothing to do with the School of Law,East China University of Science and Technology.


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