The 3rd East Asia Intellectual Property Law Forum

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The 3rd East Asia Intellectual Property Law Forum, sponsoredby Shanghai Law Society Intellectual Property Board, Intellectual PropertyResearch Center of East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) andthe Major Research Department about the Legal Protection on TraditionalMedicine in the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ofthe People’s Republic of China, jointly hosted by Shanghai Municipal ResearchCenter on Food and Drug Safety and Research Center on Food and Drug Regulationof ECUST, was held in ECUST on November 15th, 2013. Experts and scholars in thefield of intellectual property rights from China, Japan and Korea haveparticipated in this forum. Lv Guoqiang, the director of Shanghai IntellectualProperty Administration, has attended the meeting and made an opening speech.

The forum themed as “IP Protection and Overseas Protection Strategy ofTraditional Medicine” is divided into three parts, including: “the conservationstatus and future trend of traditional medicine”, “the internationalization oftraditional medicine and IP strategy” and “the technology innovation and marketaccess of traditional medicine”.

The issues about the protection of TCM have attracted much attention inthe forum. Song Xiaoting, a professor from Tongji University has made analysison the Regulations on Protection of Traditional Chinese Medicines and thepresent legal protection of the TCM technologies. Wang Yanhui, a Professor specializedin TCM from Nanjing University , thinks that the meaning of regulations systemon protection of TCM is primarily on the level of regulating the productionorder of TCM enterprises. Gao Huijun, the deputy director of Shanghai MunicipalFood and Drug Administration Institute of Scientific and TechnologicalInformation, puts forward that it should develop the protection of TCM from 5aspects,including: defining the system orientation on variety protection ofTCM, interaction between the protection of TCM and national standards,reasonable establishment of protection period and withdrawal mechanism,establishment of effective surveillance and the incentive mechanism, dynamicamendment on the judging standards of breed conservation. Ren Hu, an associateprofessor from ECUST, has pointed out that the exports of plant extracts arefar above Chinese Patent Medicine, which reflects the differences of Chineseand western consumers’ consumption concepts toward TCM. In addition, Lee SangChul, from Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Professor Zhang Xiaodong andProfessor Li Long from ECUST have made keynote speeches respectively on theinternational development strategy of traditional medicine in Europe, theUnited States, South Korea and Japan.

Experts and scholars have made in-depth exchanges and discussion on themerits and demerits of the developments and strategies of traditional medicinein different countries during the forum.


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